Methods to my madness

Now that I’ve laid out the why for this website, I need to work out what it will do and how I’ll achieve that.

First, what it will do. I’ve been thinking about this for a while and have come up with 2 ways to showcase my research and original thinking:

Method 1. Write blog posts on the makeup of an analytical thinker’s cognitive function (update: I’m not a psychologist, so I’ll skip making presumptions) and the problems it causes us in the working world.

I’d then explore success factors that analytical thinkers could be lacking in but all-round high performers always have:

  1. Interpersonal skills like (buzzword alert) emotional intelligence
  2. Productivity focus like balancing proactive and reactive work
  3. Leader mindset like knowing how to delegate and give feedback

Method 2. Map out team operations for specific examples of places where analytical thinkers may work.

Why would I do this? This one’s built around a huge assumption that I could visually pinpoint ways to show nifty enhancers like:

  • Prioritise activities – understand the level in which activities impact your corporate visibility and overall work product
  • Change management – model the before/after for you and the team when a new technology, process or even person is added in the mix
  • Build improvement plan – collect data about your experiences with each responsibility in a casual, work diary style
  • Continuous improvement – link learning of new information and ideas to each responsibility affected by it
  • Identify risk – what can derail your good work? Keep these in full view to prevent negative eventualities from happening

In my mind, it’s a lofty and experimental method. Pulling it off will not be as straightforward as with Method 1.

Speaking of which, I should cover the how. Maybe in the next post.

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  1. These are lofty goals, Ash. Perhaps break those 5 you’ve listed into manageable list. For example, try change and risk management for the work being done.

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