I don’t mind lawyers and MBAs but…

My aim isn’t to be someone flying the STEM people’s flag high by putting down other areas of industry.

Lawyers and MBAs can provide important perspectives to scientific, high tech and engineering organisations.

But there’s a problem when shots are called solely on the weight of their expertise and importance in wider society.

When legal risk factoring and NPV guesstimates take control of the narrative that drives work practices.

I’m hoping for a balanced approach.

Like what Apple (what a well-worn example) had in its early days:

  • Making sure people collaborated in the spirit of the culture
  • Driving phenomenal levels of productivity
  • Deputising everyone to look through a leader’s lens at the work

This is in stark contrast to the legally and economically locked down approach of competitors. It’s served Apple well right up to now.

I’m aiming for something more like increasing the prominence of natural STEMers through strong individual contribution and leadership.

You could see it as analogous to how campaigners are trying to increase the number of women in tech.

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