How STEMers can infiltrate corporate ranks

I previously wrote about how STEMers complain that too many “imbiciles” (I’m quoting certain colleagues) are in power in their workplaces.

As a matter of fact, I like most of these so-called imbeciles. It’s just that they would better positioned not controlling difficult people like us 😄

(We think and talk critically and get overzealous on “the right way” way too often)

My hypothesis is that STEM orgs may benefit from getting more input from people with technical ability than political finesse.

I said, well, it’s our own fault for not stepping up to the plate. We can and should work towards positions where we can have a say.

But we are often ineffective because we choose not to participate (shame) or we try but fail because we are winging it (thanks for trying).

Being socially well-adjusted is bare minimum.

My preliminary research shows that you need to work on 3 areas to start increasing your influence. They are:

  1. Interpersonal skills – not just friendliness and being an all-round nice person, but ability to relate to people at a level where you relate to their motivations, emotions
  2. Productivity enhancers – because I find that a lot of true STEMers get stuck into the problem in such engrossing ways that they don’t end up producing enough work product the way your employer would want
  3. Leader mindset – this isn’t being a leader, but thinking and acting like a leader when you are going about your work. Even if you don’t have a leadership title or authority. Mandatory for ALL workers in STEM.

Complex areas to share, but maybe there’s a digestible way.

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