This is harder than I thought

It’s easy to say “I’m going to do this”, but putting ideas together and onto paper is another story. Do you know that frustration?

I’ve been umming and aahing for a few days weeks now as to how I’m going to get the ball rolling.

Probably trying to coin words like STEMer to be like corporate book authors wasn’t a good move. Keep it simple, silly!

I’ll have a second go at this anyway. Maybe an action plan* will suffice for now. So this is what I think I should do next on this site:

  1. Make a menu listing the core areas – Home link, the 3 areas affecting nerd success at work, work design lab, Contact DONE
  2. Populate internal structure of 3 areas with topics even if they are blank pages e.g. Non-violent communication under INFLUENCE OTHERs Too hard to process – need to rework this
  3. Populate blank pages with fundamental questions of analysis like “What is x” “Pros vs Cons” “How does it apply at work” “Case studies” This will work once I know what I’m doing. So paste into new list
  4. Review substantial (500? 1000? 2500?) words everyday to start building notes on various sections Only possible if I have 100% clarity, which I don’t right now
  5. Power through research and add notes within the relevant sections rather than notecard system (as cool as it is, I’d find it hard) – digital can get messy and hard to track through

Update 2nd December – I’ve figured out where I’m getting unstuck. The why of this content is still weak. I think it’s best to focus on “easier” concepts like “Productive Thinking” then move onto tougher topics

* I suppose there’s also the planner’s curse – plan, but fail to do. Let’s hope not.