Dealing with admin minutiae

The last 2 weeks have been unproductive for my thinking and writing. I can do the tougher think-and-do parts of my day job on autopilot.

It’s the administrative work that takes it out of me. Here are 3 events I found little joy in sorting out for my team:

  1. Repeatedly advising on how a process or technology has changed (instructional tools are already available)
  2. Filing paper after paper after getting a new company car and various work-tech – we don’t have fleet managers or other shared services doing this for us
  3. Getting fined while in another company car – administrator forgot to renew the car’s registration and police now have AI plate registration detectors!

It seems like we operate on a comparative fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants approach to administrivia that is not mission-critical work.

So how would I solve the above 3 issues:

  1. System of record for change management – haven’t found anything robust, easy to use and “this won’t require a part-timer to manage it” enough
  2. Structured asset log – need to search by what’s in documents and make sure I have all the right docs in the first place
  3. Document action tool – like what Outlook does for email, map out a journey for the document from first save to archiving of the tasks we need to make it alive

I suppose larger companies have departments dedicated to such things, but from what I’ve heard, it’s not all roses and chocolates there either.

OK, this was more rambling than team agility. I’ll get back on the horse for the next post.