The best work of your life


The best work of your life won’t come from pinching a penny here or there. It will come when you connect to the needs of the people you’re helping. Think of relationships you must forge to get there. Think of using your unique gifts to make it happen.

Inspired by: Aaron Dignan, Brave New Work podcast 02-12-2019


My first experience of team leadership came from a place of managerial tradition. My cohort and I were taught to not deviate course. At least not without appropriate authority. Cost containment and efficiency seemed to be our raison d’être.

That’s all well and good when the market strongly favours your approach. But our market changed all of a sudden. It was going our way for so long and then it fell off a cliff. Complexity and uncertainty are our new normal. Demand has suffered.

Focusing on cost in light of shrinking demand can only fuel a downward spiral.

There’s an obvious need for us to seek new opportunities and bring our offerings in line with the times. Such a feat cannot be achieved in a vacuum. I am working on forging stronger relationships within my internal and external networks.