Fell off the wagon – almost

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve actively worked on this site. My work as a general manager has a way of morphing sometimes into an abomination of excess responsibility.

Even customers take pity, candidly saying to me, “You are in too deep. Take a break soon.” Has anyone covered the concept of mental bandwidth? I feel mine has been on the thin side during this period of extra managerial work.

My low mental bandwidth hadn’t stopped me from thinking about ideas for here. I was struggling to conjure energy some days despite caffeinated help.

What turned some of those days around was looking to the future of how we can improve our work, not just deal with day-to-day fires.

Here were some of my thoughts:

  • How to convey thinking visually – I noticed that with my over-busy mind, I paid way more attention to visuals – I’m guessing this applies to other managers too
  • I need to apply more practical examples – my friends’ eyes glazed as I talked about work optimisation, but their eyes lit up when I related the concepts to their roles e.g. salesforce CRM administrator – how would that role work, what are the complementary roles, how would that team do certain tasks etc.
  • Work out how to explore a burning platform topic that would draw attention which I could steer to a broader platform of adaptable teams. I thought of technology change management – teams are using a lot of tech, but not well. How can we enable people? Show them the tech in the context of their role and activities.

Now for the hard part, the doing part. A few more weeks of busy, busy mind then I want to knuckle down on these. Wish me luck.